AppHero Community,

We’re excited to announce that AppHero has been acquired by Fuse Powered Inc. Fuse Powered is the innovative force behind Fuseboxx™, an end-to-end integrated mobile app publishing platform that provides actionable analytics and a powerful advertising platform to the world’s leading publishers and developers. The team is enthusiastic about joining Fuse Powered. This acquisition will leverage AppHero’s app recommendation platform to enhance the Fuseboxx™ advertising by maximizing app revenues.

AppHero was founded in 2011 with the goal of helping people discover great apps and games. We have since developed a personalized recommendation platform to provide unique recommendations to consumers based on the apps they already had, their social profiles and their interests.

A few months ago, the team was brainstorming the future of app discovery and noticed a shift, from people discovering apps in the top charts with app discovery services like AppHero, to people discovering apps from ads. We spent some time learning about the mobile advertising landscape, and realized that the technology we've spent years working on is perfectly aligned to make mobile advertising dramatically more efficient. Our technology predicts which apps and games a user will enjoy, based on their unique attributes and preferences. There are now over a billion ads shown a day for mobile apps, and we feel there is a huge opportunity to provide highly targeted ads for mobile apps that users will love seeing.

We showcased our technology to a handful of mobile app advertising networks, and saw promising results in early pilots. Several companies recognized the competitive advantage inherent in our technology and became interested in acquiring AppHero.

We evaluated each acquisition opportunity to determine if there was an alignment of team and technology, and were most excited about the opportunity with Fuse Powered.

We’ve been fortunate to have the support of some great people over the past few years. We want to thank our faithful users, and our encouraging investors; OMERS Ventures, Golden Venture Partners, ENIAC Ventures and our angel investors, as well as all others who have supported us.


Jordan, Eyal, Brennan, Zoe and Daniel